Linehaul Heavy Duty was formed in August of 2011. With our team’s values of hard work and diligence, and expertise in the heavy-duty industry, we plan to continue to grow the company’s reputation for excellent customer service and great selection of product.

Linehaul specializes in the sale of a wide range of heavy-duty truck parts to customers in the metro Cincinnati, northern Kentucky, western Ohio, and southeastern Indiana area. We also provide flywheel resurfacing, hydraulic hose service, and drive-in truck repair. We pride ourselves in our team approach to friendly, efficient problem solving for our customers.

Fueled by our unparalleled commitment to our customers, Linehaul strives to bring a unique experience to every company we work with, evolving and educating to tailor our service to meet each customer’s needs. Together we believe we are not simply a means to an end, but rather a key to success, the essential cog in the wheel that keeps our customers moving in the direction of profitability.

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